It Feels GOOD to Feel like Me

Hi everyone!

I am SO excited to be sharing this post with you all.  In the past few weeks, I’ve made a few changes to my life (medications and diet) and it’s AMAZING how my body has changed in that time!  I can’t wait to share with you what worked for me, and what my next plans are!

So.  For almost all of February, I broke out in hives every night.  Didn’t matter what I ate, I was simply breaking out in hives, and I was really over-using the Benadryl.  I hated feeling the way that I did, but there was literally nothing that I could do to figure this out.  So. We took a good, hard look at the foods I was eating, and we decided that the preservatives in the food I was eating was the culprit.  So…preservatives were cut out.  I was still reacting, although not as bad, so we cut out pop, thinking that the artificial sweeteners or the caramel coloring.  So.  I cut out pop and preservatives, and my body felt so much better.  It’s amazing how when you change what you put in your body, your body appreciates you so much for it.

About the same time that I cut out the preservatives, I started drinking Arbonne shakes.  Arbonne is one of the best choices I have ever made.  Not only does the protein give me a ton of nutrients and vitamins and minerals, but it’s all natural and there are no CHEMICALS in the protein.  It really got me thinking about our food.  I’ve started snooping through our cupboards, and am quite disgusted at the number of chemicals and preservatives that is in our food.  Disodium-Triphosphate?  It’s a chemical!  It’s ridiculous how many chemicals that are in our food.  My whole thing now is, if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it.  It’s probably not good for you.  With so much research done about how our food effects our body, we need to really focus on the good instead of the bad.  What’s really disgusting, is how expensive natural foods are compared to chemical foods.  It’s beyond ridiculous.  So, I’m eating as purely as I can at this point.  There are a few things that I’m having a hard time giving up, but I’ll get there.

Throughout my investigation, I’ve found that most foods have the ingredient “Natural and Artificial Flavors.”  Well what the hell is that?  I emailed a couple companies, and they refused to tell me.  Funny, I thought that companies were REQUIRED to list all of their ingredients, but apparently it’s legal to use this figure of speech and get away without listing everything.  I posted this on one of my mast cell pages, and a few people who got answers from some companies were able to tell me what is going on.  It’s CORNMEAL!  It’s a filler!  There’s absolutely NO REASON for this cornmeal to be in our food, but it’s used as a filler to make the food last longer, and go farther.  Technically, they’re right.  Corn is natural.  However, if someone is allergic to corn, they don’t know that it’s in that particular food.  It’s terrifying.  I started thinking about different things that are natural, and the first thing that popped into my head was mold.  Mold is technically natural.  It occurs naturally in nature.  Could that be in our food?  Nobody knows, because companies can get away with “natural and artificial flavors.”  We need to take a stand and force companies to become accountable for their actions.

(rant over)

I’ve also changed up some of my medication.  I started that mast cell stabilizer at the end of January, and I stopped another 2 medications.  Their refills ran out, and I didn’t see the point of getting them filled anymore–they weren’t doing anything for me.  Along with the thinking of unnecessary foods, I’m going along the same path with my medications.  If I don’t see any difference, why should I take something that isn’t doing anything but putting more medication into my body?  There’s no reason for it, so let’s dump it!

With all of these things changing, my body is so much happier.  My mental state is so much happier.  I’ve already lost 5 lbs, and I can’t wait to keep going!  Starting April 3rd, I’m joining the Arbonne April Healthy Eating Challenge, which is a 28 day diet to get rid of the toxins and to eat as naturally as I can.  I’ll be blogging about my experience with this challenge throughout April.  I cannot wait to get going.

Throughout this illness, I’ve lost control of my body.  I’m ready to claim it back.  Wish me luck!

All my love,
Kristina ♥


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