I may not agree with you, but at least I respect you.

So.  This election.  It happened.  I’m upset with the results.  Why did a misogynist, racist, sexist, horrid human being win over a polished woman?  Who knows.  I may not understand those who voted for him…but I do respect you for doing what your heart and gut told you to do.  I may not agree, but it is what it is and let’s hope for the best.  I have a problem with what happened to me tonight.

I always try to see the humor in hard situations.  Whenever I’m in the emergency room, you can find me cracking jokes, flirting with the doctor or nurse (if he’s cute) and playing games with my mom.  Why freak out?  The problem is still going to be there and it’s been proven that laughing adds time to your life.  So, I like to laugh.  I made a comment on Facebook saying, “Next summer, President Trump is proud to present the first annual Hunger Games!”  Now, I KNOW it’s not going to end up that bad.  But.  With my satire, I’m making a point that it’s not going to be this utopia that people who voted for him think it’s going to be.  The major thing I’m worried about is my healthcare.  He says he’s going to destroy Obamacare; a plan that guarantees healthcare insurance to everyone, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition.  With that safety net, I don’t know if I’ll be able to continue my treatment, which keeps me alive.  So without going into all that, I made a joke.

Someone decided he didn’t like it.  I don’t even consider him a friend–he treated his girlfriend (one of my best friends) like trash not even 6 months after she had their baby.  I don’t trust him one bit.  But.  He decided to comment about how Hillary is this criminal and she deserves to be in jail and blah blah blah–your usual Trump supporter crap.  I told him no.  There’s been no evidence of her doing anything wrong, yet people won’t give up on it.  I also told him that this is my page and I can write whatever I want because I’m allowed to have whatever opinion I want.

He got NASTY and totally crossed a line.  He decided to, not only insult my intelligence by telling me that I’m wrong, but he insulted my illness and threw it in my face with the comment, “Did you even get out of the house to vote?  Or did the burning leaves keep you locked up, Miss Sensitivity?”

I cannot tell you how angry I was…am.  How dare you attack me like that?  For something that is so far out of my control, it’s not even funny.  I’m already stressed because of the healthcare worry; but to add to it by throwing my illness in my face?  NOT OK.  I was working myself up because of this–I normally can keep a fairly cool head when it comes to my body and issues I have to deal with, but this crossed a line.  I was shaking I was so angry and upset.  My blood pressure raised at least 25 points (I didn’t measure, but I could feel my blood boiling) and I began to react.  I’m already having issues with my body with the leaves, smoke, stress, etc…; so to add to it pushed me over the edge.  This happened around 8:30ish.  I just had to take more Benadryl because I’ve broken out in hives all over.  I know this is the cause, and I’m so far beyond frustrated.  Who kicks someone when they’re already down?  Wanna know who does?  A coward who is afraid to let anyone else have an opinion of their own.  Someone who thinks like Donald Trump–someone who doesn’t want women to have a thought in their pretty little head…just get dinner done before I get home and you’ll be happy because I’m happy.  It’s ridiculous.

So, while I wait for my Benadryl to kick in, I’m trying to calm myself down.  I have a puppy in my bed, finished one book…started a 2nd, watched a movie, and am about to play a mindless game.  I can’t let it get to me, but when it’s about my health, when I’m already so upset over the things I’ve lost, I get pushed over the edge.

So that’s my rant.  Thanks for letting me vent.  I love you all!  And like I said, I respect each and every one of you for doing your civic duty.  My side lost…America truly lost…and I pray that our newly elected incumbents will do well…but we need to band together and make this country strong again.  I love you all, despite differing (and wrong ;D) opinions.  In the words of Ellen DeGeneres, “Be Kind to one another.”

All my love,
Kristina ♥


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