Hi everyone,

I’m absolutely heartbroken right now.  One of my fellow Masties past away today.  I’m so upset about this.  I’m kind of feeling numb.  She was one of the most positive, informative people on all of my support groups.  It’s reasons like this that we NEED to find a cure for any kind of mast cell disease.  It’s not right that someone can just disappear on us.  I’ve told you that anaphylaxis is one of the leading symptoms of this horrid disease.  It can happen in an instant.  So not only do WE need to pay attention to our bodies, but the people around us who love and care about us need to pay attention.  If ANYTHING seems out of the ordinary, you need to get it checked out.  If you don’t, it could be the last mistake you ever make.  Awareness needs to be brought.  This can’t go on.

And then there are Epi-Pens.  Literally, our life saver.  I’ve had reactions in the past where I’ve needed to use 2 Epi’s in order to keep breathing.  And then STILL needed more drugs once I got to the Emergency Department at the hospital.  The pharmaceuticals need to understand that the Epi-Pens aren’t just a money maker–they’re the difference between life and death.  The price of Epi-Pen is absolutely ridiculous to a point of laughable.  Seriously…$800 for 2 Epi-Pens when they sold 5 years ago for MAYBE $100?  This can’t go on.  WE need to take a stand.  Mylan, shame on you.  I hope Congress makes you give back some of the millions of dollars you have earned over the past few years to the people who really need the money.  Thankfully, my insurance covers the price of my Epi-Pen in full, but I pray for those who don’t have a good insurance company–that makes them pay for their life-savers in full.  I can’t imagine having to choose between food and my Epi-Pen.  Not ok.

So, Ginger, I will miss your messages of wisdom and courage.  You were a strong woman.  I only hope that you’re out of pain, and can help guide the rest of us from above.  My heart hurts because you’re gone. ♥

All my love,
Kristina ♥


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